Tokugawa Martial Arts on July 7, 2018, 3 p.m.

The German-Japanese grove in Todendorf is a peaceful place of contemplation and reflection – it is dedicated to the fine arts. But once a year the Katana are drawn here, in the fight man against man: On the 7th. July 2018 we have the Tokugawa group of the martial arts department of PSV Cottbus '90 e.V. at Mitsuko Castle. The sword-fighting disciplines of the Samurai have many followers in Cottbus.

Let yourself be shaken by the hissing of swords – this Saturday in the German-Japanese Grove to Todendorf is combative. The event starts at 3 p.m. in the German-Japanese Grove. Admission: 3,- Euro/Erw. – for castle and grove. Japanese tea, coffee and homemade cakes are offered (prices according to poster). The event takes place outdoors and can be cancelled in adverse weather conditions or moved to the rooms of the castle.

Iaid, the "art of sword-pulling", is the result of the martial art of the old warrior caste of the Samurai. The concentrated exercises with the exercise sword Iaita or the Katana, a traditionally forged longsword, are excerpts from real sword fighting situations. Precision in handling and speed characterize a skilled Iaidoka.

Kend, the "Way of the Sword", is a modern kind of japanese swordfighting, as learned by the samurai. In addition to the technique and tactics of swordfighting, the swordsmen experience character strength, determination and moral strength through Kenda. In competition, the goal is to hit one of four hit zones (head, forearms, torso or throat) with the bamboo sword Shinai.