2018 Tanabata


Celebrated on the seventh evening in the seventh month. On this day, the two stars Wega (starry image Leier) and Altair (star image Adler) meet in the sky. They are not separated by the Milky Way.

The mythological narrative, originally from China and behind the tanabata festival, is in a nutshell: "Orihime, the daughter of the heavenly god, was a hard-working weaver. In order to give her a change from work, she was married by her father to the cattle herder Hikoboshi. They were so in love that they both forgot about their work – the cattle got sick and the heavenly god didn't get any new clothes. He was so incensed by this that he banished Hikoboshi to the other side of the Great River (the Milky Way). But because they still couldn't work with sorrow, they were allowed to meet once a year – at Tanabata." (Wikipedia)

That's why this year in Mitsuko Castle, ribbons with wishes are tied into the bamboo again… in the hope of fulfillment. From 6 p.m. in the grove at Mitsuko Castle.

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