2019 Camellia Festival

When the tsubaki camellia shrubs bloom, the tsubaki Matsuri camellia festival is celebrated in Japan. The tea shrub plant, which is native to East Asia, has great symbolic significance. If the plant loses its mostly red petals in winter, the petals lying in the snow are reminiscent of spilled drops of blood – a symbol of death and transience.

Numerous species of this Japanese treasure can also be admired in Todendorf at the beginning of April in the most beautiful bloom. For the spring flowering of the Camelia japonica we celebrate on the 30th. The first festival of the year will take place on March 1, 2019 from 2 p.m. in Mitsuko Castle and in the German-Japanese Grove.

Andre Treichel will offer an introduction to the camellia with a beamer presentation.

At the same time, the exhibitions "Tag Dreams" by Gisoo Kim and "Ton Spuren" by Armin Rieger will be opened.

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