Construction of the tea house at Mitsuko Castle

Collective fund for the tea house under this link:

Dear friends of Japan, dear colleagues, dear friends of Mitsuko Castle, dear members of the Association,

Welcome to this collection fund to promote the construction of the tea house, which I started to build with the helpers at the castle. It is admittedly an ambitious project, but we have started it and we want to implement it this year. Unfortunately, after many years of resting the project and storing the material, not all the wood is available, as one and the other was used again and again for other projects at the castle. The beams are largely there, also wood, which was intended for the underroof cladding is available. With this, the roof is to be covered later. In addition to my work force, my knowledge, my wife and I also contribute a lot of money and pay, among other things, the connection technology and the roofing. But that will not be enough. Especially for the floor, the sliding doors and the terrace, there is a lack of material that needs to be purchased. All in all, we expect a further minimum requirement of 1500 – 2000 euros to be able to carry out at least the essential parts, for special areas we receive from a donor beautiful old oak planks for the production of parts of the interior.

The greatest joy for all of us would be to be able to experience wonderful tea ceremonies together with you and visitors from autumn of this year in the tea house at Mitsuko Castle.

With just one click you can participate. Give as much as you want All payments are secure with Instant Transfer, VISA, Mastercard or Giropay

The collection is done via the crowdfunding portal Leetchi, because it is clear, transparent, fast and easy to handle, so that we can move forward quickly.

Thank you very much

Ralph Tepel

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