A window, that looks to Japan

The german-japan cultural center called “Mitsuko castle” startet in 2001 at the former farm house in Todendorf in the province of Mecklenburg in Germany. The initiator Professor Henri Radeloff called the mansion after his wife Mitsuko, which denotes in japanese the “carrier of light”. From the outset Prof. Radeloff and the german-japanese circle of friends got in touch with a wide range of companies, institutions and artists. due to bestowals and loan collections of patrons and friends Mitsuko castle can exhibit a beautiful collection of japanese and german art, artifacts and crafts.

Across the years the old mansion rose to a prominent venue and exhibition site. In the close-by garden, which is intrinsically a grove, one can study what “wabi-sabi” implies: “not the blatant pulchritude is the most valuable, but the veiled, not the instantaneous resplendency of the sun, but the refracted glow of the moon… It’s all about majestic dignity concealed in the pall of the unimposing, the austere plainness, which reveals all excitements of beauty to the wise.” as Wilhelm Gundert once stated.

Having said that the grove is home to sculptures of german and japanese artists, which let one’s mind wander in this garden in all seasons. throughout the summer activities of ensembles from Japan take advantage of this beautiful atmosphere.

the new website of Mitsuko castle is still under construction.
shortly you will find more information on events and the activities of the german-japanese association of friends here. please revisit us later this month.

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