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current activities:

coth exhibition Adrienne Györgyi, Ph.D.

Kimono-exhibition from the Radeloff collection

upcoming events:

reading 05.05. with Adrienne Györgyi, Ph.D. and Mitsuko Radeloff


upcoming exhibition „ways to plainness“


The event of the year 2018, the celebration of the camelia japonica, was very popular this year. Andre Treichel had to rerun his presentation on the history and care on the camelia. the two exhibitions on the upper floor showing cloth with silk screen printing work by Adrienne Györgyi and the Kimono-exhibition from the Radeloff collection attracted brisk interest.


new website

The new website is still growing. In the calendar section you will find an archive of past, current and upcoming events. since we don’t have all the texts of the old website, we have to reconstruct from several sources.

In the future the website will be in three languages and will switch with the language of the webbrowser. Just a few pages are done in english and german. a lot of pages in english language are still under construction.

In the gallery section you find photographs of the castle, the german-japan-grove and of our events. We are building “visual archives” on artworks, from the permanent collection, artworks situated in the grove and of event posters and flyers.

On top Mitsuko castle appears on facebook:  Mitsuko castleon facebook. 

Ralph Tepel, Webmaster, April 2018

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