Japanese grove

Behind the castle and next to the building is the „Japanese grove“ (nihon no mori = holy grove of Japan). In it, the vegetation of Mecklenburg Switzerland is fused with Japanese plants. Stone structures, braided walls, as they are common among the Ainu, from which Professor Johann Heinrich Radeloff learned this technique, tori-i structure and divide the sacred grove. It is a grove modelled on the Shinto groves. In him the spirit, the breath that permeates everything and the spirits, all that moves the world, have their place. A place of spiritual and spiritual tolerance and diversity. It is a quiet and deeply meditative place, but also several times a year events take place on and on stage.

Ed. Franz Riegel (digital version of the draft version):

German-Japanese Grove

The harmony of the traditional Japanese grove meets a landscape brutally shaped by the Ice Age. Here you will find contemporary art by Japanese and German artists in the form of sculptures and arrangements. Especially in the summer months, the grove is the setting for many events, such as guest appearances by Japanese ensembles, which perform traditional Na theatre between Bismarck oak and Japanese rotahorn.