Association of German-Japanese Friends

Founded in 2001, the association aims to build a bridge between Far Eastern and European culture. It is located in Todendorf, a village north of the town of Teterow in Mecklenburg-Based Switzerland. The former manor house Todendorf and the adjacent estate park is the centre of work, exhibition venue and meeting place for art lovers, recreation seekers and artists from Japan and Germany.

The estate park has been transformed into a German-Japanese grove. The grove shows a symbiosis of elements of Japanese garden culture and garden art with the local conditions of the landscape and nature. The castle and grove can be visited. There are numerous places to linger and reflect. A variety of different events with Japanese, German and international artists and personalities make The Castle and Hain a meeting place with art and culture. A visit is always worthwhile.
The maintenance of the castle and the German-Japanese grove are a big task. Therefore, the association is happy about any voluntary support, be it active help in the care of the park, handicraft support in the preservation of the castle, but of course also financial support through support membership in the association or one-time donations if you appreciate the work and the events. You will find more about this here soon. Please check back here next month. Thank you.

About the website and what happened so far in 2018

The new website of Schloss Mitsuko is taking shape. An event archive is in preparation. Since only parts of the old page are available, many things have to be collected from different sources.

With the 25th The GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) entered into force on May 1, 2018. Please read our privacy policy.

The first event of 2018, the Camellia Festival was excellently attended. Not all of them could be seated in the hall, so that the introduction to the Camellia Show had to be repeated a second time in front of the hall, which was also full. The exhibitions upstairs, the cloth exhibition with works by Adrienne Györgyi, and the kimono exhibition with a selection from the castle's large collection also attracted a lot of attention.

Against War, Violence and Racism – Paula: a Requiem
on 1 May 1898 May 2018 was in the forest near Cammin near Laage the commemoration against war, violence and racism at the stone Paula. More than 60 visitors attended despite the cold weather.

Reading on 05.05. with Adrienne Györgyi, Ph.D. and Mitsuko Radeloff

For the German-Japanese reading, which took place upstairs in the cloth exhibition, there was hardly enough room for the many listeners. We were pleased about the lively interest and the wonderful poems brought a lot of joy and created a little longing for Japan.

Exhibition "Ways to Simplicity", was published on 19 May. May 2018 opened and runs until 09. September 2018

With a very well-attended vernissage, the exhibition series "Ways to Simplicity" enters the 14th. Round. Dr. Volker Probst (Director of the Barlach Museums Güstrow) introduced the exhibition in an art-philosophical-poetic manner. Thank you very much for that.

Photo: R. Lehmitz

Japan Gardening for Open Gardens Day

In preparation for the Midsummer Draw (23. The Tokugawa Martial Arts and Tanabata (both 07. July) was gardened at Mitsuko Castle on 09.06.2018. Because of the high heat, the visit was not as strong as hoped, but much was achieved.
Some pictures can be seen here.

The new website

In the future, the site will become trilingual and automatically switch to English or Japanese using the browser language. The first pages are already bilingual German and English realized. We are working on enlargement.

Under galleries you will find photo galleries of the castle, the German-Japanese grove and events. In addition, visual archives with works of art belonging to the permanent collection of Mitsuko Castle are created here, works of art that stand in the German-Japanese grove and archives with posters and flyers of events that took place at Mitsuko Castle.

In addition, the Facebook page is still available to you: Schloss Mitsuko on Facebook. 

Ralph Tepel, Webmaster, March 2018


The list of sponsors is still very incomplete, as it was no longer included in the backup of the old website. We are in the process of reconstructing them from various sources.

Sponsors from Germany:

Franz Prinz zu Sachsen-Altenburg +

Professor Kurt Masur +

Dr. Adolf Kotzauer

Hermann Radeloff and

and many more

Sponsors from Japan:

Archabbot Togaku Kanban

Sosho Yamada, ink painter of the Bokuga Society

Ink painter Kinsui Katori, Tokyo,

Artist Musui Dohno from Hyogo,

Temple builder Masaki Tatenaka from Kyoto,

Artist Prof. Hiroshi Maruyama from Tokyo,

Ceramicist Masakaju Kusakabe from Fukushima

and many more.

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