Ways to Simplicity 15 – Yugen

This year’s path to simplicity is under the theme “YUGEN – Hidden Depth”

With this path to simplicity, we are going through familiar and new ways. Through the cooperation with RAUM-for-RAUM Düsseldorf, this year’s path to simplicity will be a transformation and at the same time re-coding of the exhibition “cubes & boxes”, which will take place on 17 May. It opened in Düsseldorf on 1 March. In Schloss Mitsuko this world is expanding. It is re-focused on the “original color” of ZEN and all art, supplemented with other artists and thus travels back to Düsseldorf to be transcoded again…

The list of artists:

Yukako Ando, Melanie Balsam-Parasole, Petra Benndorf, Karl-Michael Constien, Kai Cui / Anna Lena Anton, Setsuko Fukushima, Harald Hofmann, Rainer Junghanns, Takwe Kaenders, Taka Kagitomi, Gisoo Kim, Miryeon Kim, Bernd Kommnick, Timm Kregel, Lorenz Radeloff, Heinrich Johann Radeloff, Franz Riegel, Armin Rieger, Takahiro Tanaka, Ralph Tepel

The introduction will be given by Rainer Junghanns, Curator RAUM-for-RAUM, Düsseldorf .

This year’s Path to Simplicity opens on 8 May. June at 2 p.m. The exhibition ends on 28 May. July 2019.

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