Month: August 2019

  • Opening of the tea house at Mitsuko Castle

    With the tea ceremonies of the tea masters of the Urasenke Tea School, who have been visiting us every year from Japan for 16 years to walk with us on the way of tea, this year the tea house at Mitsuko Castle will be opened. The museum is open from 1 p.m. on both days. 2 p.m. Welcome in and at the tea house in the grove with a short Introductory speech on the construction of a tea house. Afterwards there is the opportunity for greetings Introduction to the tea ceremony 14:20 Start of first tea ceremony 3:45 p.m. Start of second tea ceremony 17:00 Start of the third tea […]

  • Kendo and Iaido with workshop

    On 17. On 8 August, the Tokugawa swordsmen of PSV Cottbus return to Mitsuko Castle. This time they will also hold a small workshop.

  • Nagasaki Remembrance

    This year we chose Nagasaki Day in remembrance, after the ceremony was held on Hiroshima Day in recent years. Of course, we commemorate Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima. There are readings this year from the Haiku Award of the city of Nagasaki.

  • Japan Exhibition II – Paper Art

    This year, the Japan Exhibition will focus on paper. We searched for interesting things for you again in the collection and collected a lot. Be surprised. The exhibition runs until the 28th. September 2019