Month: June 2019

  • Tanabata 7. July 2019, 4 pm

    The Japanese community celebrates this day extensively: Tanabata, the romantic star rye festival from Japan. The two stars Wega and Altair only meet now at the firmament. According to tradition, they are a couple who must otherwise be separated by the Milky Way. In Japan, it is customary to wish all those who need it on this day.

  • Construction of the tea house at Mitsuko Castle

    Collective fund for the tea house under this link: Dear friends of Japan, dear colleagues, dear friends of Mitsuko Castle, dear members of the Association, Welcome to this collection fund to promote the construction of the tea house, which I started to build with the helpers at the castle. It is admittedly an ambitious project, but we have started it and we want to implement it this year. Unfortunately, after many years of resting the project and storing the material, not all the wood is available, as one and the other was used again and again for other projects at the castle. The beams are largely there, also wood, […]

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    Mittsommer@Schloss Mitsuko

    The programme of midsummer at Mitsuko Castle is extremely wide this time. We are pleased to present the Mombasa Shipping Project by Rainer Junghanns, which stops at the castle. At the same time, you can experience stints on a path between the great stone settlements of the Grove with Mr. Fessmann, and the Japanese sound artist Taka Kagitomi will build a sound installation from dead tribes of the Japanese grove. The exhibition “Ways to Simplicity – Yugen meets cubes&boxes” in collaboration with RAUM_FÜR _RAUM Düsseldorf, which took place on 8 May. It will open in June 2019. You can take part in a “small” tea ceremony. These will take place […]

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    Ways to Simplicity 15 – Yugen

    This year’s path to simplicity is under the theme “YUGEN – Hidden Depth” With this path to simplicity, we are going through familiar and new ways. Through the cooperation with RAUM-for-RAUM Düsseldorf, this year’s path to simplicity will be a transformation and at the same time re-coding of the exhibition “cubes & boxes”, which will take place on 17 May. It opened in Düsseldorf on 1 March. In Schloss Mitsuko this world is expanding. It is re-focused on the “original color” of ZEN and all art, supplemented with other artists and thus travels back to Düsseldorf to be transcoded again… The list of artists: Yukako Ando, Melanie Balsam-Parasole, Petra Benndorf, […]