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    Ways to Simplicity 15 – Yugen

    This year’s path to simplicity is under the theme “YUGEN – Hidden Depth” With this path to simplicity, we are going through familiar and new ways. Through the cooperation with RAUM-for-RAUM Düsseldorf, this year’s path to simplicity will be a transformation and at the same time re-coding of the exhibition “cubes & boxes”, which will take place on 17 May. It opened in Düsseldorf on 1 March. In Schloss Mitsuko this world is expanding. It is re-focused on the “original color” of ZEN and all art, supplemented with other artists and thus travels back to Düsseldorf to be transcoded again… The list of artists: Yukako Ando, Melanie Balsam-Parasole, Petra Benndorf, […]



  • 2019 Camellia Festival

    When the tsubaki camellia shrubs bloom, the tsubaki Matsuri camellia festival is celebrated in Japan. The tea shrub plant, which is native to East Asia, has great symbolic significance. If the plant loses its mostly red petals in winter, the petals lying in the snow are reminiscent of spilled drops of blood – a symbol of death and transience. Numerous species of this Japanese treasure can also be admired in Todendorf at the beginning of April in the most beautiful bloom. For the spring flowering of the Camelia japonica we celebrate on the 30th. The first festival of the year will take place on March 1, 2019 from 2 p.m. […]

  • Gisoo Kim Day Dreams

    The artist Gisoo Kim has developed an extraordinary technique of her own to transform photography into new image worlds: "Photo-Stitching" In the process, images and image elements are sewn and pierced and sewn through. Images reveal completely new worlds and convey messages of dreamlike stagings. The artist will be present for the opening. The exhibition will be opened for the Camellia Festival and will be open until the 26th. May 2019.

  • Paula – a remembrance 1. May 2019

    Die Erlebnisse von Krieg, Gewalt und Rassismus begegneten Prof. Heinrich Johann Radeloff paradigmatic in the death of his schoolmate Paula and another 22 people. above this he wrote a requiem, which was set to music by Henning Schmiedt in 2004/05 and premiered in Berlin and Bremen. The rbb recorded this work. It is still available in the Neuklang catalogue of Bauer Studios . Out of these thoughts and experiences, Prof. Radeloff took a stone in the forest near Cammin near Laage to set a sign against war, violence and racism, many following his example and laying small stones around, so that the obelisk stands in the middle of a hill […]

  • Of Lights and False Lights – Land ART in the Japanese Grove

    From Sunday, December 2, 2018, a special light art can be seen in Ralph Tepel's grove with little artificial light and bright lyrically reminiscent of false lights. You can interact with the effects themselves by lighting the light rods with your smartphone or flashlight, then the glow is amplified because they only store the daylight for the night and then release it… Experience the grove in a completely different way than during the day. The installation can be seen until the beginning of the new year. Open on weekends in the evening from nightfall. Bring flashlights and sturdy footwear for your safety. The paths may also be slippery. Walking the […]

  • From silks, blades and vessels… – the Radeloff Collection

    The exhibition runs until 03. March 2019. Until 30.11.2018 it can be seen at the usual opening hours Saturday and Sunday 1-5 pm. (From 30.11. it is only open by appointment.) On 15.09.2018 at 3 p.m. the exhibition opens, which shows the diversity of the Radeloff Collection.

  • 100 years premiere of Beethoven's 9. Symphony Remember DAIKU

    Daiku – 100 years premiere of Beethoven's 9. Symphony in Japan   The concert had to be postponed to 03.10.2018 at 11 a.m. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the premiere of Beethoven's 9th Symphony at the Bando POW camp in Japan by German soldiers, the Japanese Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan have asked institutions and German-Japanese societies to participate in the official commemorative events Can. For this we have won the improvisational ensemble ADAM NOIDLT MISSILES, which has already played at documenta 8, in many European museums (most recently Ludwig-Forum, Lehmbruck-Museum…), an improvisational concert on the themes of the 9th century. Beethoven's symphony […]

  • The Way of Tea – Traditional Tea Ceremony 2018

    On 08. September 2018, the tea masters from Kanagawa (Japan) from the Urasenke Tea School will be guests. They will perform a traditional tea ceremony at 2 and 4 p.m. Tea master Okada travels specifically to Mecklenburg and brings the tea used directly from the growing area. Visitors to the castle are cordially invited to the Chado. In order to cover the costs, a contribution of 5 euros (plus entrance castle). Further information on the tea trail can be found on the pages of the Urasenke Tea School at  

  • Hiroshima Commemoration 06. August 2018

    Hiroshima Memorial Day 06.08.2018