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Paula – a memory

Die Erlebnisse von Krieg, Gewalt und Rassismus begegneten Prof. Heinrich Johann Radeloff paradigmatic in the death of his schoolmate Paula and another 22 people. above this he wrote a requiem, which was set to music by Henning Schmiedt in 2004/05 and premiered in Berlin and Bremen. The rbb recorded this work. It is still available in the Neuklang catalogue of Bauer Studios . Out of these thoughts and experiences, Prof. Radeloff took a stone in the forest near Cammin near Laage to set a sign against war, violence and racism, many following his example and laying small stones around, so that the obelisk stands in the middle of a hill


Finissage Alternative Botany by Setsuko Fukushima

At first glance, the works seem to come from a natural history museum. They present themselves as preparations. The display cases and boxes made of simple wood show parallels in the form of the works of Joseph Beuys, who also created many showcases, mountains of books and fine-line drawings. The content accent, however, is completely different. Setsuko Fukushima's works go in a different direction in terms of content, in which the artist is involved in the confrontation with herself, with nature, with botany in particular. It preserves, changes, shapes, creates surprising connections, works in paper, ceramics and wood, all natural materials that serve to transfigurate nature, for appropriation and juxtaposition.


Nagasaki Remembrance

This year we chose Nagasaki Day in remembrance, after the ceremony was held on Hiroshima Day in recent years. Of course, we commemorate Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima. There are readings this year from the Haiku Award of the city of Nagasaki.


Japan Exhibition II – Paper Art

This year, the Japan Exhibition will focus on paper. We searched for interesting things for you again in the collection and collected a lot. Be surprised. The exhibition runs until the 28th. September 2019


Tanabata 7. July 2019, 4 pm

The Japanese community celebrates this day extensively: Tanabata, the romantic star rye festival from Japan. The two stars Wega and Altair only meet now at the firmament. According to tradition, they are a couple who must otherwise be separated by the Milky Way. In Japan, it is customary to wish all those who need it on this day.

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